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 ¿Can we swerve past|to|in the iridescence is messy moving on the quantum dancefloor #sheturnt#sheiridescent#shelit Iridescence is the perceptibility of difference: a surface come into focus --called into focus. A diffractive pattern is not erased by bleach, nor white light. It is histories laid with(in) each other; moving through it|space|the supposed empty. It is the touch of history --the world cruising you cruising it. the nahhhhhhhh: postmodern|postinternet|postcolonial|postblack #metaphysicalconstructions Approximations called Progress. ...but what does it mean to perch|be messy|to postup iridescence|movement|repetition <-----the swirl of language: *~-~~*quantum poetics*~~-~* a banj criticallity to turnup w/the grls and swerve past whitecishetpatriarchy that indetermina(c).
1.1.17 - 4.12.17 ephemeLYFE ¿?.¿?¿?° N, ¿?.¿?¿?° W [Somewhere in NYC hopefully w/ minimal state interaction] ::: Celebrating life as resistance. Laughing at ciswhitemen. Thriving on their tears #theusual 

5.6.17 Femmescapes Vol.2 Release Party 40.7214N, 73.9889° W [Bluestockings, 172 Allen St, New York, NY 10002] ::: Come get you a copy and see your local sadgrl read something. Something kinda chilly and wintry, but maybe redemptive? To remember is to relive...to bring back to life... 

5.13.17 Segue presents Vers 40.7297° N, 73.9990° W [Zinc Bar, 82 W 3rd St, New York, NY 10012] ::: Mi collective (Vers) and I or me and mi collective will be doing a cosita. Some kunty most likely... at the very least kewt. © ray ferreira